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Finsura Group is always on the look out for like minded strategic partners such as accountants, commercial real estates, finance companies, lawyers & solicitors, and business brokers to join in our Finsura Referral Rewards Program.

Financial rewards in the form of a percentage of Finsura’s first year of income generated from a commercial insurance policy sale.
Referred clients receive premium service from Finsura ensuring fast-track processing of any urgent certificate of currency your client needs to complete a lease, contract, construction or new purchase on time.
Adding value to the service you provide to clients by connecting them with insurance solutions.
Peace of mind that your clients will receive the professional, personal advice and service they require.
Invitation to our biannual Finsura referral partners “thank you for your support” dinner where you can meet, network with and enjoy the opportunity of expanding your own referral program with other participants.

Finsura is looking to expand our already successful local referral network comprising reputable commercial real estate agencies, solicitors and conveyancers.

Contact our Strategic Partner Manager Nathan Martin to learn more.

Phone: 02 6766 9667


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